How to deal an unconscious patient in ICU


Ashraf Sayeed1


Patient requiring ICU support may be conscious or unconscious. Unconscious person who has no control upon him or herself or environment. Patients who have much chance for recovery from their illness should monitored for apparently minor disabilities or ICU related opportunistic diseases. It is also applicable for a unconsciousness state in which a patient is totally unaware of both self and external surroundings, and unable to respond to any problems. Specially-trained health care provided 24-hour with constantly monitor of vital signs along with specialized treatments. Extended stay in an ICU is one of the major issue for development of ocular problems. Lac of eye care facilities or negligence or ignorance, prevents early detection. The key to the treatment in understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of general and ocular problems.

Keywords: Unconscious patient, ICU, Ey care

  1. Managing Director, Eye health Bangladesh. Ex head and professor of Ophthalmology


Volume 5, Number 2, July 2023
Page: 46-50