Comparative study of efficacy of Terbinafine 500mg vs Terbinafine 250mg and Itraconazole 200mg in the treatment of dermatophytosis


Mohsena Akter1 , Md. Abdulla-Hel Kafi2 , Syed Shair Ahmed3 , Ishrat Bhuiyan4


Background: Now a days superficial fungal infections become endemic in a hot humid region/tropic region like Bangladesh. In outpatient department of dermatology most of the patients come with dermatophytic infection. Most of them are maltreated or inadequately treated. We, dermatologist, are facing difficulties in treating these patients.
Materials and Methods: In this study, we tried to find out the effective doses and duration of antifungal drugs Terbinafine and Itraconazole.
Result: Total 92 patients with dermatophytosis of either sex aged 22-60years without any significant systemic diseases were included in this study. The patients were randomly divided into two groups; Group A and Group B. Group A was treated with Terbinafine 500mg daily and Group B was treated with combination of Terbinafine 250 mg & Itraconazole 200mg daily. Duration of treatment was for 6weeks.Itraconazole and Terbinafine containing combined groups showed significantly higher cure rates than terbinafine only groups both at 4 and 8 weeks (P < 0.001).
Conclusion: combination of daily Terbinafine 250mg with Itraconazole 200mg was more efficacious than Terbinafine 500mg

Keywords: Dermatophytosis, Terbinafine, Itraconazole

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology

    Z H Sikder Women's Medical College, Dhaka

  2. Professor & Head of the Department of Dermatology

    Z H Sikder Women's Medical College, Dhaka

  3. Assistant registrar,Department of Dermatology

    Z H Sikder Women's Medical College, Dhaka

  4. Associate Professor & Head of Department of Dermatology & Venereology

Volume 5, Number 1, January 2023
Page: 32-37