Factors Affecting the Utilization of Postnatal Care Services in Readymade Garments Working Mother

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47648/zhswmcj.2022.v0401.02

Mohammad Nurunnabi1 , Tayeba Rahman2 , Tanveer UL Absar3 , Shaheda Hamid4


Postnatal care (PNC) is an important pillar of safe motherhood. This period is considered as a critical phase for both mother and newborn, especially for working mothers like ready-made garments working mother. A cross sectional study was conducted to determine the factors affecting the utilization of PNC services among the selected five RMGs working mothers in Dhaka through a pretested semi-structured questionnaire. The mean age of the women was 25.01±3.72 years and mean average monthly family income was 18239.54±5484.21 BDT. Cent percent of them were literate and a trivial portion (6.0%) were illiterate among their husbands. Two-third of the respondents (65.0%) were received, some sort of PNC service from their garments. Among them, less than one third (28.6%) received some sort of maternal health care and only 2.6% received neonatal health care services. All most cent percent women had knowledge about occupational and health safety policy. Most of the women (95.7%) had not experienced any type of complaint, less than two-fifth of the women (38.1%, 37.5%) could not get their maternity leave and regular salary during their maternity period as per the labor act. Only 1.9% women faced some sort of difficulties during availed their maternity leave. The association between the economic state is statistically significant with the type of services utilized by women (p=0.039). Utilization of PNC service was satisfactory among the studied mothers. More availability and accessibility of PNC services, promotion of information and education and in the garments will be increase the effectivness and sustain utilization of the quality of PNC services.

Keywords: Factors, utilization, PNC services, RMG working mothers, Bangladesh.

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet

  2. MPH Fellow, Department of Maternal and Child Health

    National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine, Dhaka

  3. Lecturer, Department of Dental Public Health

    Chittagong Medical College, Chittagong

  4. Associate Professor, Department of Maternal and Child Health

    National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine, Dhaka

Volume 4, Number 1, January 2022
Page: 8-13