Study on knowledge about postnatal care among mothers in selected urban communities


Maheen Doha1 , Meherunessa Begum2 , Masuda Sultana3 , Tasnuva Rahman4


In the maternity cycle post natal period is a danger time, because maternal & also new born deaths occur during this period, particularly just after the childbirth. So postnatal care in the first hour & days after childbirth could stop the mass of these deaths. To find the knowledge about postnatal care use among mothers in selected urban communities. It was a descriptive type of cross sectional study conducted purposively in selected 200 mothers who completed their puerperium period and had child birth within 3 months. Data was collected by self administered questionnaire. The study was conducted in selected vaccination centers of Mohakhali, Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur. The total period of study was 1 year from January to December 2014. Among 200 respondents them mean age was 25.02(±SD 6.53) years. Majority 184(92 %) were literate and 67% were housewife. About 93(46.5%) had 3-4 members in their family. 170(85%) were Muslims. About 191 (95.5%) had knowledge about PNC and 187(93.5%) used PNC. 106(56.7%) were used PNC for routine follow up. The respondent who knew about PNC more used that care than who had no knowledge about that (p<0.05). This study assessed the knowledge of mothers on their use of post natal care. The findings of the study indicated that postnatal service was quite satisfactory but still some intervention needed. Regular monitoring and supervision would certainly improve the quality of postnatal care service in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Postnatal care, Postnatal visit, urban communities.

  1. Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine

    Ibn Sina Medical College, Dhaka

  2. Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine

    Ibn Sina Medical College, Dhaka

  3. Masuda Sultana- Associate Professor, Department of Physiology

    Ibn Sina Medical College, Dhaka

  4. Associate Professor & HOD

    Mandy Dental College, Dhaka

Volume 2, Number 2, July 2020
Page: 24-27