Noise pollution in Dhaka city: What can we do about it?


Dr. Nawshad Ahmed Phd1


The alarmingly high noise level in Dhaka city is associated with increased number of vehicles on the city roads caused by irresponsible honking by the drivers. They do not understand the impacts of this on health of the people. Although there are several sources of noise pollution such as loud speakers, building construction, damaged roads, street markets, mechanical workshops and small factories, vehicles are the major problem and they produce about three quarters of all noise in the city.

In technical terms, noise above 50 decibels can adversely affect the public health, especially those having hypertension and heart diseases. Laud noise also make small boys and girls nervous on the street. The World Health Organization (WHO) cautions that any sound above 60 decibels can temporarily make a man deaf and prolonged exposure to high sound above 100 decibels can cause hearing impairments.1 Several empirical studies have found sound levels ranging between 70 and 120 decibels in selected Dhaka city road intersections. According to the Noise Pollution (Control) Rules 2006,2 the acceptable sound limit is 50 decibels during the daytime and 45 decibels in the nighttime in residential areas of the city.


Volume 1, Number 1, January 2019
Page: 5